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KAC Dyplo 3 - the greatest Civilization 4 game ever played
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Dołączył: 30 Lis 2006
Posty: 6
Wysłany: Wto Gru 09, 2008 1:12 pm   KAC Dyplo 3 - the greatest Civilization 4 game ever played

I want to present to you KAC Dyplo3 - a game which as far as I know is the greatest Civilization 4 game ever played. It was a game played by 32 players of KAC club It took 284 days during which 225 turns were made by 32 players. Game was played using Pit-Boss with turn timer set to 24 hours. Each player had to login once a day and execute his turn. During game many players were eliminated - only 14 players survived to the end. Game was ended by launching nukes on greatest cities of West - all players agreed that Bombel's Empire (Hatschepsut of Egypt) won that game.

During game a Chronicle was written, players had possibility to sign official pacts / alliances and at the same time we have created a system for unofficial - secret pacts that were revealed after game was finished.

Game was played using Sid Meier's Civilization 4: Beyond The Sword 3.13. Especially for this game a mod was created (to let 32 players to take part in game and add bigger map size and new resources) and a special map script. We worked on rules for many weeks to keep the game as fair as possible. See links at bottom to get full list of people who contributed.

Game was set up on a server bought by our club, one of players provided a place and network connection. It was third game of that kind (fourth game was begun some time ago). It was really great fun - probably the best of all Civ4 disciples as game involved many players, it lasted for months and most of the fun is secret diplomacy (hence the name - Dyplo from Polish "dyplomacja" = eng. diplomacy).

Some data:

Game time frame: 4000 BC - 1575 AD
Real time frame: 2008.02.12 - 2008.11.22 (9 months 10 days = 284 days)
Turns played: 225 turns
Official pacts: 4
Secret pacts: 28
Count of posts in secret pacts: 1.619
Count of posts in official forum: 4.357
Count of posts in total: 5.976

Changes of boundaries:
GIF version (very poor, youtube and AVI are much better):

youtube version
AVI version: http://forum.civilization...plo3/dyplo3.avi

Demography at the end of game:

Credits (in alphabetical order):
Anion (known as djanion at - creation of MOD Dyplo3 (see below)
Beny - map script
Domel - administrator of Dyplo 3 (huge work)
LDeska - map script
Martin - donated server, provided place for server and internet connection

Battles summary:

Some screenshots of final attacks:

KAC Dyplo 3 forum
Game Chronicle
Official Pacts
Secret Pacts (revealed after game was finished)
Summary of all battles:
Summary of demography at the end of game:
Charts at the end of game:
Biggest Cities (state as of 2008.06.22)
Map Of The World (state as of 2008.06.21)
World Wonders and Regligions (state as of 2008.06.21)
Wars History (state as of 2008.06.24)

Map script for KAC Dyplo 3 (LD_Donut):
Mod for KAC Dyplo 3 (40civs_xres):








Top 5 cities:

Poziom: 1 HP   0%   0/18
   MP   100%   8/8
   EXP   55%   5/9
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