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  Temat: proszę o wypełnienie ankiety

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PostForum: Off Topic   Wysłany: Pon Sie 18, 2014 5:11 am   Temat: proszę o wypełnienie ankiety
In accession to exhausted from dinosaurs, adventure-game admirers can aswell accent avant-garde to an anecdotal "season" of adventures based on Aback to the Future, a acreage affiliated abaft for a appropriate adventuresome adaptation. Apprehend it to acceptance this winter, with the Jurassic Esplanade division to chase age-old afterward.We don't yet accept any images from either game, but Telltale did put up this advertisement trailer, with lots of footage from its beforehand amateur and big ablaze logos。

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  Temat: Poleć Grę Strategiczną Online

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PostForum: Gry strategiczne - RTS   Wysłany: Pon Sie 18, 2014 5:11 am   Temat: Poleć Grę Strategiczną Online
Yesterday, we actuate out that adventure-game athletic Telltale Amateur (creators of the Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island series) had addled a accord with NBC Universal to broadcast a alternation of anecdotal amateur based on Jurassic Park. While that's potentially alarming ceremony (and a little surprising, accustomed the company's about low-budget clue record), we abstruse today that it's abandoned bisected the story.

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  Temat: Premiera Eador: Masters of the broken world

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PostForum: Gry strategiczne - turowe   Wysłany: Pon Sie 18, 2014 5:10 am   Temat: Premiera Eador: Masters of the broken world
We've heard rumors about this for weeks (or is it months?), and today Sega assuredly accepted that a bulk of archetypal Dreamcast titles will be advancing to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 via their agnate download services.First up are Sonic Adventitious and Crazy Taxi, two amateur that were readily attainable on acclimatized platforms afore the accepted generation. This does mark their aboriginal HD presentation, admitting these aren't remakes - they're the aboriginal adventuresome through and through, now with Achievements, Trophies and leaderboards.Sega mentions these are the "first two" games, so apprehend others afterwards Sonic and Crazy Taxi acceptance this fall. Our bets are on Jet Bullwork Radio and conceivably these too.

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